With our positive outlook on 2022, we thought it was time to update our website to be more on brand

New Year, New Shop, New Odette

So you can now browse, shop & book your appointments all on our new store

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Product of the Month

Plump & Firm Moisturiser
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  • Product Ranges

    We like our products to be natural based, afforadable & most importantly effective.

    We do not stock any products or brand we do not love or believe in.

  • Bespoke Service

    We are known for our laidback vibe in Odette.

    We like consistency for our clients & we love providing bespoke treaments & unique service

  • Everyone Welcome

    We love meeting & helping new people. We are here to make you feel comfortable, welcome and your best self.

    Beauty is not only on the outside, we love clients leaving feeling chilled, content & happy.

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