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Blue Liquid Eyeliner

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Using the same staying power and pigmentation of all other Blinc products, this Eyeliner is a must have!

Peealable eyeliner peel technology invented by blinc
Water-resistant, intense layer of color glides onto skin.

Doesn’t use cosmetic paint like traditional liquid eyeliners so it does not penetrate the skin. Blinc eyeliner cannot flake, fade, run or smudge even if you have oily skin, cry, sweat or rub your eyes
Does not require an eye make-up remover; effortlessly peels off by simply combining lots of water and gentle pressure (from fingertips or washcloth) or your chosen cleanser.

You will actually see the strips of color in your hands, leaving no tint or residue.

Comes in 5 colors – black, brown, grey, blue and purple