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Dark Brown Mascara

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Life Proof! You can swim, rub your eyes & even cry and it will not budge!

Tube forming mascara technology invented by blinc using tiny, water-resistant tubes form around each eyelash providing volume and length for a natural look.

The mascara isn’t oil-based paint like traditional mascaras but almost hugs the lashes, so it is a great product for those with senstive eyes or contact lense wearers.

You have 1 1½ minutes to build up and get the look you want before it sets, it can be applied over other mascara brands to seal them with blinc mascara tubes.

Does not require eye makeup remover; easily removes with a combination of warm water and gentle pressure or with any cleanser of your choice.

You will actually see the tiny tubes in your hands (they are not your lashes!Don’t Panic!) leaving no tint or residue behind

High-definition application brush